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Maine’s Midcoast Guano Cleanup – We Remove Bat Odors You Don’t Want In Your Home

The guano cleanup crew at Maine Bat Specialists can handle all levels of guano accumulation and assiocciated damage. Attics in Maine often become the equivalent of holiday homes for various creatures besides bats, including raccoons and flying squirrels. The difficulty, however, lies in their lack of house training. At Maine Bat Specialists, we’ve seen numerous residences where bat guano and urine have seeped into the insulation, causing a noticeable odor in the attic that eventually spreads to the rest of the home, creating a major issue.

We’re equipped to address any wildlife problem you’re facing, mitigating any risks posed by bats. This includes managing guano accumulation in your home that could lead to hazardous living conditions. Our procedure involves removing the bat waste and guano, then sterilizing your attic. Any insulation tainted by bat feces needs to be properly handled, often resulting in a thorough attic cleanout.

Removing bat guano, or bat droppings, can be quite a task. If not handled properly, it can pose health risks. Here are general steps to help you understand how we safely and effectively clean up bat guano.

  • We always wear protective clothing, such as disposable coveralls, a face mask (especially an N95 or better), gloves, and eye protection. Bat guano can contain pathogens, so it’s crucial to avoid skin contact and inhalation.
  • We gegin by removing the bulk of the guano. A vacuum with a HEPA filter can be used to prevent the spread of pathogens, but we are careful not to stir it up and make it airborne. Our team bags and disposes of the guano properly according to state and federal guidelines.
  • After the bulk of the guano has been removed, we clean the area with an enzyme-based cleaner or a mixture that kills any remaining bacteria or fungus.

Using our professional guano cleanup assistance is your best approach, since we are trained to handle bat guano safely and are knowledgeable in regulations regarding bats.

Lastly, be aware that there is a risk of histoplasmosis, a disease caused by a fungus that grows in material contaminated by bat droppings. This disease primarily affects the lungs and can be severe, particularly in people with weakened immune systems. It’s another reason why using protective gear and following proper procedures are crucial in the clean-up process.

From evicting bats to mending any damage they’ve caused, we provide a comprehensive service that stands out in quality.

Maine Bat Specialists Stand Behind Our Customers Until Their Bat Problem Has Been Solved. We Offer A 2 Year Warranty Against Re-Entry Into The Home Or Structure On Buildings In Good Structural Condition.

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Maine Bat Specialists Are The Bat Guano Removal Experts

Bat guano tends to disperse across the attic, though it predominantly gathers above the bats’ preferred roosting spot. The droppings emit a pungent, musty smell, which can become more intense in hotter weather. Additionally, bats are prone to urinating and depositing their pellets in the central region of the attic – a common location for their roosting site.

Our service extends beyond simply cleaning your attic. Initially, we ensure that the invasive bats taking shelter in your home are either expelled. Upon completion of this step, we can start the guano removal process, commonly referred to as attic restoration.

This service isn’t offered by insulation companies, given that they specialize solely in insulation installation. In Maine, only wildlife companies and biohazard companies have expertise in attic restoration and the cleanup of bat guano. You’ll find that a biohazard company might charge up to ten times our rate for an equivalent service, often emphasizing the diseases linked to justify offering you unnecessary services.

At Maine Bat Specialists, we only suggest repairs that are truly required. We refrain from resorting to disease-based fear tactics to persuade clients to use our services. Nevertheless, it’s prudent to consider all potential risks, especially when it comes to the health and safety of you and your loved ones.

Guano Cleanup page: Team member cleaning up an attic with bat guano.

Bat Guano Cleanup is messy business and demands trained professionals if you want the job done correctly.

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