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Are bats causing a nuisance in your Maine home or property? If so, it’s essential to address the situation promptly and responsibly. Bats are fascinating creatures that play a crucial role in Maine’s ecosystem by controlling insect populations and pollinating plants. However, when they take up residence in inappropriate areas such as attics, crawl spaces, or chimneys, they can become a problem.

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Remember, attempting to remove bats without professional assistance can lead to legal consequences, harm to yourself or the bats, and an ongoing problem. It is best to reach out to us for expert guidance and safe removal. Our team is equipped to handle the intricacies of bat removal and will work with you to resolve the issue while ensuring the preservation of these remarkable animals.

Have a job or an issue or you need to talk to us about what we can do for you? Maine Bat Specialists would like to help. Please get in touch via our contact form below or call us at 207-530-1759.

Maine Bat Specialists Stand Behind Our Customers Until Their Bat Problem Has Been Solved. We Offer A 2 Year Warranty Against Re-Entry Into The Home Or Structure On Buildings In Good Structural Condition.

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Mon. thru Thur. : 7 am–5 pm
Fri: 7 am–4 pm: Sat: 8 am–1 pm
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