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Chimney Restoration At Maine Bat Specialists

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Maine Bat Specialists Chimney Restoration

Chimney restoration is a process that involves repairing or rebuilding a chimney that has been damaged or deteriorated over time. It can range from minor repairs such as fixing small cracks or replacing bricks, to complete chimney rebuilding.

Chimney restorations are necessary for a variety of reasons, including:

  1. Safety: A damaged chimney can be a fire hazard. If the inner lining of the chimney is cracked, heat can escape and potentially ignite nearby combustible materials. Additionally, structural damage to the chimney can cause it to become unstable, posing a risk of it falling.
  2. Efficiency: A well-maintained chimney can improve the efficiency of your fireplace or heating system. Damage to the chimney can allow heat to escape, causing your heating system to work harder and increasing your energy costs.
  3. Health Concerns: If the chimney is not drawing smoke away properly due to blockages or damage, this can lead to a buildup of harmful gases in the home such as carbon monoxide, a deadly, odorless gas.
  4. Prevent Further Damage: Moisture can enter through cracks and holes in a damaged chimney, leading to further damage. This moisture can freeze and expand in cold weather (a process called “freeze-thaw”), causing the masonry to crack and deteriorate further.
  5. Aesthetic Appeal: A deteriorated chimney can be an eyesore and lower the aesthetic value of your home. A restored chimney can enhance the look of your house, which can be particularly important if you’re considering selling your property.
Chimney Restoration Page: Another successful chimney job at Maine Bat Specialists.

Another successful chimney restoration job at Maine Bat Specialists. We are the best! This Is What Maine Bat Specialists Can Do For Your Chimney. Contact Us At 207-530-1759.

In Maine, chimney restorations are needed due to animal infestations in your chimney such as Bats, Birds, Squirrels, Raccoons, and Flying Squirrels. At Maine Bat Specialists, we utilize tried-and-true methods to expel these unwelcome visitors. Our strategies for trapping or evicting nuisance species from chimneys are specific and efficient. Our humane solutions for bat problems in Maine are quick and, above all, successful. There’s no pest that can resist the high-quality chimney materials we employ.

Regular chimney inspections can help detect problems early, before they become major issues requiring costly restorations. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends an annual chimney inspection to ensure it is structurally sound and functioning properly.

Installation Of Stainless Steel Chimney Caps

Raccoons have the ability to tear through chimney covers made of hardware cloth/wire or aluminum. Stainless steel chimney caps offer a long-lasting answer to wildlife invasion in chimneys. These uniquely crafted caps cannot be found in regular stores. The customized chimney cap we install is specifically designed to deter pest wildlife and endure longer than the lifespan of the chimney itself. The welded steel encloses spaces small enough to prevent bats from sneaking through, yet sturdy enough to resist damage from raccoons. These tailor-made steel caps provide ultimate safeguarding for your chimney.

Reconstruction Of Chimney Crowns

The crown of your chimney, which fills around the top flue or the apex of the chimney, may require replacement due to looseness or cracks. We specialize in detecting such issues and recommending crown reconstruction. This service is most effective when paired with the installation of one of our custom steel caps.

Sanitation Of Chimneys Post Wildlife Removal

Once the pest issue has been resolved, your chimney may need sanitizing. Unpleasant odors from urine and guano accumulation are sometimes noticeable. Our skilled team can eliminate these smells and ensure the wildlife pests cannot reenter your chimney.

You Get The Best In Chimney Restoration When You Hire Maine Bat Specialists

Chimney Restoration Page: MBS crew member repairing a damaged chimney.

Chimney work demands climbing and working at heights and should be left to experts.

Further Preventive Measures Following Chimney Restoration

While wildlife problems in the chimney area are common, we offer lasting solutions to safeguard your rooftop chimney. However, the rest of your home may remain vulnerable to critter invasions even after sealing off the chimney. Bats, for instance, might choose your attic if they are excluded from your chimney and your house remains exposed. Hence, comprehensive home exclusion is essential when dealing with bats in the chimney. Our ultimate aim is to ensure long-term protection. While the decision rests with the homeowner, we strongly advocate for full-exclusion rather than just protecting the chimney. If you thought having critters in your chimney was problematic, consider the potential issues if they infiltrate your attic.

Inland Cities We Offer Chimney Restoration Services

Waterville, Bangor, Old Town, Belgrade, Pittsfield, Norridgewock, Skowhegan, Farmington, Rumford, and more.

Coastal And Mid-Coast Cities We Offer Chimney Restoration

Portland, Windham, Cape Elizabeth, Falmouth, Freeport, Bath, Wiscasset, Boothbay, Rockland, Camden, Brunswick, Augusta, Gardiner, Winthrop, Lewiston, Auburn, Belfast, Ellsworth, and Bar Harbor.

Counties We Service For Chimney Restoration

Lincoln County, Knox County, Sagadahoc County, Androscoggin County, Cumberland County, Kennebec County, Waldo County, Hancock County, Washington County, Penobscot County, Somerset County, Franklin County, and Oxford County.

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