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Attic Restoration At Maine Bat Specialists

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Maine Bat Specialists attic  restoration and sanitation services deliver comprehensive attic cleanup solutions, including insulation replacement, in the state of Maine.

Unwelcome intruders such as bats, raccoons, squirrels, and birds, when nesting in attic spaces, can create hazardous conditions. These may include urine stains on drywall, fecal or guano accumulation, and the spread of parasitic bugs such as fleas and mites.

If you’ve had a bat infestation in your Maine attic, it’s important to properly restore the attic space afterwards, both to prevent any further bat infestations and to address potential health hazards. Bat droppings, known as guano, can carry harmful pathogens, such as the fungus that causes histoplasmosis, a lung disease. Bat urine can also cause significant damage to the structure and contents of your attic over time.

Many Homeowners Insurance Policies provide coverage for Attic Restoration following damage caused by wildlife. Our team is ready to offer an all-inclusive resolution to your bat infestation issue. To learn more, give us a call at 207-530-1759.

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Maine Attic Cleanup & Remediation Services

Attic Restoration Page: Quality Solutions For Bat Damage & Attic Restoration

Quality Solutions For Bat Damage & Attic Restoration

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Animals Damaging R-Value Of Insulation

High-Quality Solutions for Attic Restoration

Wildlife pests like bats inhabiting attics in Maine can inflict harm to HVAC systems and insulation. Maine Bat Specialists have the expertise to identify and rectify all aspects of the problem. After successful bat elimination, we then proceed with attic sanitation and guano removal services. In certain cases, a full attic cleanout may not be necessary.

For instances when bats have only recently invaded the attic, targeted sanitation of the affected areas can often suffice, especially when there are only minor amounts of feces and insulation damage.

Bat guano and urine should be removed to reduce the risk of disease and damage. This process involves not only physically removing the droppings, but also sanitizing the affected areas. Due to the potential health risks, it’s recommended that you hire a professional like Maine Bat Specialists attic restoration crew who wear protective clothing, including gloves, a respirator mask, and eye protection, and protect all the living or working quarters during the process.

If your attic insulation has been contaminated by bat guano or urine, it may need to be removed and replaced. Contaminated insulation can hold pathogens and unpleasant odors, and can also lose its effectiveness at maintaining your home’s temperature.

After the contaminated materials have been removed, the next step is disinfecting and deodorizing the area. Special enzyme-based cleaners are often used to break down the organic matter and neutralize the odor. It’s important to ensure all traces of guano and urine are removed, as these can attract other pests.

An attic inspection is the final step in assessing the problem and suggesting the most suitable service, taking into account the condition of your attic. Bats and their droppings can cause damage to your home, including wood damage from their urine or guano. A thorough inspection should be conducted to identify and repair any such damage.

Animals Impact On Insulation’s R-Value

The state of Maine stipulates an R-49 insulation code for attics. The greater the R-Value, the more efficiently your home will preserve warmth or coolness.

Every homeowner in our picturesque state is aware of the harshness of our winters. This is why maintaining a high R-Value is crucial. Proper attic insulation can save thousands of dollars in heating/cooling costs over time compared to attics without sufficient insulation.

Bats, and other wildlife animals tend to compact and or tunnel through insulation, leading to a decrease in R-Value effectiveness. Wildlife urine, bat guano, and nesting material can further degrade the R-Value.

Maine Bat Specialists are ready to address this issue with our attic restoration services throughout Maine.

You Get The Best In Cleanup And Attic Restoration When You Hire Maine Bat Specialists

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