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About Maine Bat Specialists

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Maine’s Number 1 Company Providing Bat Control, Bat Removal, Bat Exclusion And All Related Bat Problems

The Important Qualities You Want To Know About Maine Bat Specialists

Since our beginnings over 20 years ago, our mission at Maine Bat Specialists has always been the careful humane removal of bats and safely cleaning up after the mess they leave in their wake, whether in residential buildings, commercial businesses, or industrial structures, using the latest, most innovative, proven strategies that provide effective, lasting results.

Are you wondering, “Are there any bat removal services near me?” Well, guess what? You’re in luck! We are proud to offer the finest bat specialists in Maine, and we guarantee that our services are unmatched!

At Maine Bat Specialists, we are committed to our customers until their bat issues are completely resolved. We provide a two-year warranty to ensure that bats do not re-enter your home or structure, as long as the building is in good structural condition.

Pioneers in Bat Expertise

The designation for an individual who specializes in studying bats is either ‘chiroptologist’ or ‘chiropterologist‘. The former is generally used in the United States, while the latter is more prevalent in Europe. We identify as chiroptologists. As experts in the field of bats, our knowledge and expertise are exactly what you need.

Planning for the Future

We are committed to forward-thinking strategies and actions to significantly reduce the chance of future bat issues for you. This level of dedication is what you’re seeking in a service provider, and that’s exactly what you’ll receive with Maine Bat Specialists.

Solution Providers

  1. We establish a foundation of trust and understanding.
  2. We identify your specific issue.
  3. We ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of the problem.
  4. We provide our proposed solution, accompanied by a cost estimate.
  5. Our work is completed within the agreed-upon timeframe.

Client Assistance

We pride ourselves on our accessibility, prompt responses, attentive listening to our customers, and the respect we hold for them. We never dispute with our customers, we honor our commitments, and we act on our words. We prioritize building customer relationships over making sales, acknowledge our mistakes when they occur, and boast a highly skilled team.

About Maine Bat Specialists Page Photo: Our team of experts

When you engage our bat removal specialists, you receive polite service, transparent communication, and proficient execution of the task at hand.

About Maine Bat Specialists Page Photo: Our service vehicle

When our truck pulls up onto your property to address your bat concerns, you’ll immediately recognize us as Maine Bat Specialists.

About Maine Bat Specialists Page Photo: A team member cleaning and sanitizing an attic.

Our broad range of skills prioritizes your safety and welfare in every task we undertake.

The Origin Story of Maine Bat Specialists

Maine Bat Specialists has successfully resolved countless bat-related issues, offering services that are assured to meet your needs! Our company carries out bat removals and exclusions all across Maine.

With over 20 years of experience, we are a Licensed, Insured, and Bonded Professional Wildlife Contractor. We have the specialized skills to rectify any damage caused by bats, including comprehensive attic restorations. This involves cleanup, insulation removal and replacement, as well as disinfection of all affected areas.

What’s more, our Bat Division and Construction Division collaborate closely to effectively bat-proof your building! As bat specialists, we have committed substantial time to bat research. Maine Bat Specialists has collaborated, and will continue to do so, with researchers and educators throughout the state.

We Are Specialists in Insurance Matters

Paying for extensive bat damage from your own pocket is likely not your preference! The costs of guano cleanups can be substantial, potentially amounting to tens of thousands, covering everything from guano removal and disinfection, to the extraction and replacement of contaminated insulation.

We have comprehensive understanding of how insurance operates. The wording you use to ensure full cleanup coverage is key to minimizing your expenses with a nominal deductible. Make a smart choice – reach out to us, and we’ll guide you through the necessary steps to ensure your bat cleanup task is completed properly and cost-effectively.

  • Resolving Problems 100% 100%
  • Cutting-Edge Technologies 100% 100%
  • Prompt Resolutions 100% 100%

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